I build awesome teams and awesome products.

Hello! My name is Cadell Christo and welcome to my website.
You can find me on GitHub, Twitter and LinkedIn, or email me at hello@cadell.dev.


Kapa Notes

A social note-taking app, powered by NextJS, SQLite and Fly.io.

Random Emojis

A fullstack app with a live feed of random emojis, powered by Cloudflare, WebSockets and Redux.

PRAwN Stack

A fullstack analytics app that shows page view data, deployed on the AWS free tier.

Very Nested

A frontend application to organise nested lists and publish them on GitHub pages.

Random Recipes

A frontend app that gives you a random combination of ingredients to use as recipe inspiration.

Cadell's NextJS Template

A template I use for my frontend apps.


This website is a NextJS app powered by vanilla-extract and MDX.

Cadell's Vanilla Components

A simple package of components styled with vanilla-extract and published on NPM so I can use them across my projects.

Internal Magic Links on AWS

A fullstack app that demonstrates magic link authentication using AWS and CDK.

Node API 2020

A node service I made in 2020 to demonstrate backend concepts like fetching toMany relationships with SQL and integration testing using database transactions.

React App 2020

A frontend app I made in 2020 with some of my favourite tools at the time.

Glue Stack

A fullstack Java and React app I made ages ago that was deployed on Kubernetes with Google Cloud.

Sponsor Shane

A fun frontend website I made for my mate Shane.